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Welcome to JRFranceGroup.com.

We are a JR FRANCE Company, No. 1, Road 13A, Bien Hoa 2 IZ, Dong Nai PR , which has made transactions on the website: www.JRFranceGroup.com and subsidiaries, joint venture and offices apart from other regulations

  • Once you visit our website, it means that you have agreed with these terms. This website is entitled to change, edit, add and remove any part of Terms and Conditions policy at any time. The changes will come into effect as soon as they are posted on website without any announcements in advance. If you continue to access our website after Terms and Conditons policy are updated, it means that you have accepted those changes
  • Please check regularly our updates

1.How to use our website?

  • When you use our website, you are at least 18 years old or you access under the supervision of your parents or of legal guardians
  • We have granted a permit for online shopping on this website in Terms and Conditions policy
  • Any part of the website used with commercial goals or any anonymities from the third side if there is no written permits from us, will be strictly prohibited.
  • The website is used to provide product information which is not relevant to any providers. Accordingly, comments or remarks on the website are customers’ opinions, not ours.
  • You must register an account on the website to justify personal information and update regularly if there are any changes. Each user must take responsibility for their password, account and activities on the website. In addition, you must inform us of illegal accounts. We are not directly or indirectly responsible for any damages or losses if you do not comply with our regulations.
  • During the process of registration, you will receive email ads from the website. Subsequently, if you don’t want to receive them anymore, you can refuse by clicking on the bottom link in all email ads.
  1. Customers’ opinion

All contents of this website and customers’remarks are very essential for us. If we recognize any fake information, we will block your account immediately or enforce other solutions in the regulations of Vietnamese law.

  1. Accept order and price
  • We are entitled to refuse or cancel your order due to any reasons at any time.You can be required to provide your telephone number and address before getting your order.
  • However, if there are any mistakes in the case that price is not shown or wrong, according to different cases, we will contact you for guidance or order cancellation. We have the right to refuse or cancel any orders whether or not your order is confirmed and paid
  1. Coryright Brand

All intellectual ownership (registered or not),all contents and designs, graphics, softwares, images, sounds, software programing, source code and basic software are our assets. The whole contents are protected by the Vietnamese copyright law and international conventions.All copyrights are reserved.


The conditions, terms and contents on the website enforced by Vietnamese Law and Vietnamese Supreme Court will be dealt with any disputes arising from the illegal access of this website.

  1. Security regulations
  • Our website ensures the security of information and uses the best privacy solutions for payments. Personal information of customers in the process of payment are encoded to insure safety.
  • You must not use any programs, tools and any types to intervene in the system or change the data structure. This website has also prohibited the propagation or stimulation for any activities with the aim of intervening and infiltrating in the system database. Individuals or organizations which have violated will be revoked any benefits as well as prosecuted in the court if necessary
  • All transaction information will be secured and we will be forced to provide information for authorized body if requested
  1. Secure and convenient payments on JRFranceGroup.com

All your transactions on JRFranceGroup.com by international credit cards will be secured by encoding (please learn more by consulting our “Regulations in Security” term given above). Accordingly, you have to notice the following details for online payments

– Only use this website with secure payments

– Do not let other people borrow your credit card or your account to make payments on JRFranceGroup.com; in the case of unexpected transaction, please inform JRFranceGroup.com to support timely.

– Check your bank account regularly to make sure that all transactions by credit card are under control.

– In some cases of abnormal transactions or enormous order volume, JRFranceGroup.com will require you to provide credit card and indentification to justity the accuracy and sincerity of transactions. Once you get this request, please hide CVV on the back side of your card to secure information.

  1. The process of transaction at JRFranceGroup.com

For online shopping at JRFranceGroup.com, customers must comply in the following steps

Method 1: Advance payment online by credit card( Visa, Master card..)

  • Step 1: Customers order, provide authentic and complete information
  • Step 2: Customers pay in advance
  • Step 3: JRFranceGroup.com will check, confirm orders and ship
  • Step 4: Customers will check and receive

In the case that customers would like to edit information, they must inform JRFranceGroup.com via hotline (+84) 613 892 142 or enter a message at JRFranceGroup.com/contact.

We are responsible for the content of information provided on electronic information site on JRFranceGroup.com,implementing conditions of Law regarding contracts, orders and payments

  1. Change or cancel transactions at JRFranceGroup.com

In all cases, customers have the right to terminate transactions if they have made the following measures:

  1. Inform JRFranceGroup.com of cancelling transactions via hotline (+84) 613 892 142 or enter a message at JRFranceGroup.com/contact
  2. Return delivered goods which have not been used or benefited from (according to Return Policy at http://www.JRFranceGroup.com/how-to-return )


  1. Deal with consequences due to the input of wrong information at JRFranceGroup.com

Customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete information when making transactions at JRFranceGroup.com. If customers enter incorrect information into the electronic information site at JRFranceGroup.com, JRFranceGroup.com is entitled to reject the transaction. In addition, in all cases, customers have the right to unilaterally terminate the transaction if they have made the following measures:

  1. Make notifications to JRFranceGroup.com via hotline (+84) 613 892 142 or enter the message at JRFranceGroup.com/contact
  2. Return delivered goods which have not been used or benefited from.

In the case of wrong information arising from JRFranceGroup.com which can be proven to be the fault of the system or from the third side (wrong product price, wrong origin,etc), JRFranceGroup.com will compensate customers a discount code with face value according to specific circumstances for the next shopping time and will not make faulty transactions

  1. Dispute Resolution

Any controversies, claims or disputes arising from or relating to transactions at JRFranceGroup.com or Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the way of negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and/or the court under Consumer Protection Law – Chapter 4 about Dispute Resolution between consumers, organizations and individuals trading in goods and services

  1. Contract Termination Agreement

In the case any damage would arise from the violation of Terms of Use in website, we have the right to suspend or block your account permanently. If you are dissatisfied with the website or any of the terms, conditions, regulations, policies, guidelines or the operation of JRFranceGroup.com, the only way is to stop coordinating with us.


  1. Law and Authority in Vietnam

All Terms and Conditions and the Contract (and all obligations arising out of the contract or relating to) will be governed and construed according to Vietnamese laws. If any dispute arises from Terms of Use, you can send a complaint to the court in Vietnam to address.