›If customers suspect that a product purchased from JRFranceGroup.com is counterfeit, what should they do?

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of your product, please do not hesitate to report immediately to JRFranceGroup.com. We commit for a 100% refund if the following conditions are met:

  1. The products are purchased from the JRFranceGroup.com platform and still within the scope of JR France (please check http://www.JRFranceGroup.com/how-to-return/).
  2. The products are confirmed to be counterfeit with reasonably evidences
  3. The refund request complies with all other relevant rules and policies of the JRFranceGroup.com (please check http://www.JRFranceGroup.com/ how-to-return /).

›What will JRFranceGroup.com do after receiving customer’s notice about counterfeit product?

  • Within first 48 hours: the suspicious fake product will be temporarily offline from JRFranceGroup.com until we have initial confirmation regarding the authenticity of the product.
  • Next 5 – 7 working days: JRFranceGroup.com will send official confirmation to customer regarding the authenticity of the product, followed by the process of return and refund in accordance with the provisions mentioned above.



    – JRFranceGroup.com aim to provide quality goods and best services to customers. We refuse to sell the products unauthorized produced, copying, counterfeit products or products with unknown origin…
    – Our merchants are required to perform in earnest for ensuring the quality and origin of the product, as well as take responsibility before law for any violations. For any detection of selling unauthorized produced, copying, counterfeit products or products with unknown origin…., JRFranceGroup.com will immediately suspend or terminate the sales and have penalties on merchants.
    – In case you doubt that a product is unauthorized produced, copied, counterfeit products or products with unknown origin…., please notify us immediately by contacting our hotline (+84) 613 892 142 or submit the form above. We will feedback to you right after the verification process completed.